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Greenville Public Schools A Great Place To Learn

Greenville Public Schools is a semi-rural district with a history of strong education. It is located in one of Michigan's prime living areas between Grand Rapids and Lansing. There are many recreational areas and industrial opportunities. Proximity to Grand Rapids provides many cultural, recreational, and educational advantages.

The school district includes the city of Greenville and parts of seven townships in three counties. It is 133.6 square miles in size and has a population of about 18,000.

Surrounding Programs

Greenville Public Schools is part of the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District and participates in many of their programs. Other nearby facilities include Montcalm Community College, Grand Valley State University, Alma College, Central Michigan University, Grand Rapids Community College and Western Michigan University - Grand Rapids.

Schools and School Board of Education

The school district is comprised of Greenville High School, Greenville Middle School, Satterlee School and four elementary schools: Cedar Crest Elementary, Baldwin Heights Elementary, Lincoln Heights Elementary, and Walnut Hills Elementary. Our central office is located at the Central Services Facility. The Board of Education consists of seven members who are elected at large for six-year overlapping terms.

Special and Unique District

Each of Greenville's schools provides an engaging curriculum aligned to State of Michigan standards. A variety of technology tools are provided for students and staff in each building for instruction and assessment, and data management purposes. Fine arts, athletics, health, and wellness help to round out Greenville's offerings, and help to make our district special and unique.

Early Childhood Special Education

The district is excited to announce the continuation of the Early Childhood Special Education program for the 2013-2014 school year. Understanding that early intervention is the key to helping students be academically successful, the purpose of the program is to target students that are at-risk of learning in the areas of speech and language, developmental delays and fine and gross motor skills.


The district operates its own transportation services. A fleet of 30 busses travels approximately 2,000 miles daily to provide transportation to approximately 3,000 students. Some shuttle bus service is offered within the City of Greenville.

Facilities and Maintenance

Our schools and facilities are well cared for due to the efforts of our Facilities and Maintenance Department. Walking through the grounds, as well as in the buildings, will reveal the pride our people have for Greenville Public Schools. Working side-by-side with this department, our district's Energy Essentials Team has an ongoing commitment to conserving energy and "green projects".

Food Service

A district operated food service program serves breakfast and lunch in all six district schools. Each building has a cafeteria. The school system is equipped with computerized lunch accounts. This advanced program allows us to keep an accurate account of a student's balance. It also enables the food service director to identify taste choices and better respond to customer preferences.

Children's Corner

Children's Corner provides a safe and enriching environment for children 4-12 years old before and after school, as well as during the school day. Activities are designed by a certified teacher and center around the social, emotional, physical, and developmental needs of children. Breakfast is served in the morning and a nutritious snack in the afternoon.

"Schools of Choice"

All families who live within or ouside of the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District attendance area may apply to attend school in Greenville when room is available. Greenville students may apply to attend other schools.

Since 1845

Greenville Public Schools: Serving the Greenville community since 1845