Outstanding Alumnus Award

In 1993, The EFG established the Outstanding Alumnus Award. The award is given annually to candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Be a graduate of Greenville High School.
  • Have been out of high school at least ten years.
  • Have modeled citizenship by sharing their talents for the improvement of the quality of life for their community, and enhanced the development of youth. Note: career or business by itself is not necessarily a criteria.

The EFG selection committee will determine recipients based on the information provided. Those qualified nominees who are not selected will automatically be candidates for the following four years.

View previous Outstanding Alumnus Award Winners

2018 Blake Hollenbeck (Class of 1985)

2017 Robin Walters (Class of 1973)

2016 Patrick Cameron (Class of 1986)

2015 Dr. Anthony Youn (Class of 1990)
2014 Jeff Day (Class of 1971)
2013 Bruce Towne (Class of 1986)
2012 Tim O’Brien (Class of 1981)
2011 Michael Stafford, PhD. (Class of 1983)
2010 Walter B. Jaehnig Jr., PhD. (Class of 1960)
2009 William Cook (Class of 1953)
2008 Karen Carbonelli (Class of 1958)
2007 Gerald Nelson (Class of 1954)
2006 Stella Royce (Class of 1944)
2005 Kathy Thomas Holt (Class of 1962)
2004 Dr. N. Peter Sorensen, Jr. (Class of 1956)
2004 William L. Johnson (Class of 1961)
2003 Byron Cook (Class of 1950)
2002 Larry Sweet (Class of 1952)
2001 Bob Hansen (Class of 1951)
2000 Richard Rasmussen (Class of 1931)
1999 John Stafford (Class of 1956)
1998 Jerry Blumberg (Class of 1956)
1997 Susan Brace Lovell (Class of 1956)
1996 Fred Meijer (Class of 1937)
1995 Linda O’Connor Stafford (Class of 1956)
1994 Ray Tower (Class of 1936)
1993 Stan Kemp (Class of 1963)

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