EFG Summer Camp

Scholarship applications are now available for EFG Summer Camp Scholarships (Formerly the Rasmine D. Thomas scholarship). This scholarship program provides educational financial incentives to K-11 students to attend :sports camps, academic camps, scout camps, leadership camps, music camps... the list is endless!) Scholarships are provided up to $300. Application forms are available in each principal’s office and at the Central Services Facility.

Criteria for Approval:

  1. Submit an application to the EFG that includes the following:
    • On the reverse side of the application, type a short statement (no hand-written statements, please) on why you would like to receive this scholarship and what impact you think this experience will have on you.
    • A letter of reference must be submitted with the application from a non-relative, employer, advisor, or teacher (the teacher cannot be the same one who signs the endorsement part of the application).
    • The application must be signed by parent/guardian.
    • A brochure, or other printed information must accompany the application with information about the camp, institution, etc. Information from a website will also be accepted.
  2. The application MUST include a signature of a teacher who endorses the student as an appropriate candidate to attend the requested activity.
  3. Preference will be given to students with a financial need. Scholarship awards will be based on application information, letter of reference, teacher endorsement, and camp information. Consideration will also be given to students who attempt to raise their own funds.