Teacher Grant Application Process and Deadlines


Both the Education Foundation of Greenville (EFG) and the education funds within the Greenville Area Community Foundation (GACF) have as their purpose to provide grants that will help support on-site innovative activities that align with the Greenville Public Schools curriculum. Requests that affect a large student population are looked upon favorably. These grants typically will not cover general operating expenditures.


Grants from EFG generally will not exceed $2,500. There is no limit for grants from GACF Endowment funds, other than the limit placed upon them by the Foundation’s current spending policy. Area educational institutions, as well as other community organizations with an application that has an educational component, will be applying for grants from the GACF at the same time.

Criteria and Approval

Approved applications must meet the following criteria: 

  • Must be consistent with the beliefs and missions of the school district, and EFG or GACF.
  • A resident artist/scientist must have a total building or department focus.
  • Must outline the tangible and intangible benefits for students as related to GPS curriculum.
  • Must be supported and recommended by the Supervisor or Building Principal and the Assistant Superintendent.
  • Must have means of evaluation.
  • The financial sustainability for ongoing programs or projects must be addressed.
  • New and innovative programs and projects are encouraged.
  • Applicants may be requested to make a presentation to either the EFG Grant Review Committee or the GACF Board of Trustees.


  • EFG does not allow its grant monies to be used for GPS staff salary and benefits. GACF would consider a request for a program that may include staff salary and benefits as part of the total program request under extenuating circumstances.
  • EFG and GACF would consider a request for a program/project that may include books or videos as part of the total program.
  • EFG and GACF will consider allowing grant monies to be used for duplication of existing programs. Duplicating programs and/or replicating programs from one building to the next will also be considered.
  • EFG and GACF will consider grants to maintain current GPS programs.
  • Multi-year grants will be considered.


For more information about the grants, or download applications, please visit the GACF homepage.

  • Complete the attached application form with the necessary signatures from your Supervisor or building Principal and Assistant Superintendent.
  • Submit the completed application to your supervisor or building principal by the deadline of February 5.
  • He/she will then sign off on the application and submit it to the District Grant Committee for review. This committee will then route your application to th e appropriate funding organization. You will be informed of the status of your request by the mid April.
  • Recipients of any grant will be required to submit the appropriate paperwork including an evaluation of the program/project outcomes within one year and/or before a subsequent request will be considered.