EFG Wellness Grants

Proceeds from the annual Yellow Jacket Challenge funds Wellness Initiatives in Greenville Public Schools. 


2019 Wellness Grant Announcements Coming Soon!!!!

Wellness Grants in 2018


Description Awardee Building Amount
Young Yellow Jackets Running Clubs Provide funds to sustain Elementary Running Clubs

Running Club Coaches


All four Elementary Schools $1,000

Sports Medicine/Game Ready Replacement


Game Ready is a piece of sports medicine equipment used to treat injured athletes.  This unit helps reduce pain and time of recovery for injuries. Maggie Anstett High School $2,036




Allowed Children’s Corner to offer fresh food options for after school snacks.  

Ashley Duby and Robyn Christensen

Children’s Corner

Baldwin Heights $539

GHS Strength and Conditioning


Replace adjustable benches for the dumbell area of the GHS Weight Room Eddie Ostipow High School $1,200