From Variety Shows to the Yellow Jacket Challenge, each year the Education Foundation of Greenville (EFG) holds fundraisers to supports its mission of preparing our students for life and the 21st century workplace. We are proud of the community support at each of these events.

Up NEXT: Dancing With The Local Stars

Join us on Saturday, April 13th for an evening of dynamic dancing by professional dancers and local celebrities! All proceeds support mental health programming and services for GPS.
Please help us welcome this year’s cast!
Andrea Belding (Star) and Samantha Hondorp (Pro)
Holly Crump (Star) and Lamarr Williford (Pro)
Steve Day (Star) and Sarah Parker (Pro)
Penny Dora (Star) and Caitey Cameron (Pro)
Jessica Gilbertson (Star) and Alexandria Gilbertson (Pro)
Melanie Hanson (Star) and Kenadee Ferguson (Pro)
Gary Hauck (Star) and Jesilee Cramer (Pro)
Angie Peterman (Star) and Michael Page Jr. (Pro)
Candie Ritsema (Star) and David Pease (Pro)
Bo Stephenson (Star) and Cheryl Fransisco (Pro)
Tickets are on sale:
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