Baldwin Heights Welcome

Grades Pre-K to 5

Baldwin Heights Elementary School consists of grades Pre-K-5 with a student population of around 500 students. Many devoted and caring staff members make student learning their number one priority which helps us create a caring, safe and fun learning environment for students to be involved in.

Students become responsible citizens and lifelong learners

Our staff consists of 25 teachers and 25 paraprofessionals/support staff/child care workers.  We also enjoy the full-time services of an instructional coach, speech pathologist, social worker, and teacher consultant. Currently we have several foster grandparents who volunteer on a regular basis. Our building incorporates 18 regular education classrooms and two special education classrooms. Baldwin Heights operates a full time, elite preschool program partnered with before and after school care which make up Children's Corner. Special classes are offered to all students like music, art, and physical education to educate the "whole" student. Together our energies are focused on student learning to help students become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

Exceptional staff, school, and students

We are very proud of our exceptional staff, school, and students. We are fortunate to have exemplary, updated facilities and our building technology is state-of-the-art.  Chrome book carts, a variety of iPad and Android devices, wireless technology throughout the building, a dedicated STEAM Lab (Science Technology Engineering Art & Math), motor skills room, along with projectors in every room keep students and staff on the cutting edge.  These tools paired with an extensive digital video network give teachers the tools required to educate our students in the 21st Century classroom. Baldwin Heights is a great place to learn because of the efforts that transpire on a daily basis. Our building is one of six schools in our district, and together we all make Greenville Public Schools a prominent educational institution.

Target Grant and Bond Additions

Our building has recently received a $100,000 grant from Target as advertised on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  A committee made up of staff, parents, and students met multiple times to collaborate on how our students would best benefit from these funds.  We invested a significant amount into non-fiction reading materials for students and the ability to check out e-books on student devices.  Additional tablets and Chrome Books have been provided to classrooms to increase internet access throughout the building in order to truly put technology right in our students' hands.  On our playground, an older piece of equipment was removed and then replaced with a brand new structure.  Classrooms also received enhancement funds in order for teachers to directly impact the environment and the amount of student resources. Recently, Greenville Public Schools passed a bond that has allowed our playground to be updated with multiple pieces of playground equipment, outdoor learning environments, and fencing.

Digital Resources

Please investigate the website further as well as our Facebook page to gain any information regarding Baldwin Heights Elementary School or Greenville Public Schools.  If you have questions regarding our school please do not hesitate to call or stop by so we can help answer them and show you the exceptional educational environment we provide for all students!

Michael Walsh, M.Ed. 
Principal, Baldwin Heights Elementary