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The Greenville Public Schools Performing Arts Hall of Fame will include students, teachers, administrators, and community members that have made a significant contribution to the GPS Performing Arts program or have had a career of notable accomplishment in performing arts.


To be honored with induction, nominees must meet at least three of the following criteria:

  • Outstanding talent
  • Good Character
  • Significant career of note after high school (career or professional experience)
  • Contribution to the GPS program’s success
  • Positive contribution in their community
  • Recipients will not be eligible for induction until 10 years after graduation from GPS unless special circumstances are present
  • Other individual inductees (teachers, administrators, etc.) will have immediate eligibility once they are done working at GPS
  • Community Members that have made extraordinary contributions to the Performing Arts program
  • The committee can nominate someone who has had successes despite extraordinary circumstances / special circumstances


The Two Categories are:

  • - Someone who made a significant impact to the GPS Performing Arts program
  • - Someone who graduated from GPS who went on to make a significant career in the Performing Arts

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  • Jeff Ayres – Retired GPS Music Teacher
  • Joy Behrends – GPS Music Teacher/K-12 Department Head
  • Jeff Cook – Community Member
  • Susan Gould – GPS Music Teacher
  • Keith Hudson – Retired GPS Music Teacher
  • Dr. Michael Leiter – HS Principal
  • Joel Van Houten – Retired GPS Music Teacher/Committee Co-Chair
  • Kire Wierda – GPS Board member/Committee Co-Chair

Greenville Public Schools Performing Arts Hall of Fame

2019 Inaugural Inductees

Bob Hansen, Ruth Hansen, Delores Cook, Byron Cook