Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes they're small and insignificant, sometimes they're big and need an apology.  We made a big one!   You may have noticed the beautifully written article on the front page of our newsletter about a grant for some great new technology for the GHS skilled trades programs.  The article highlighted a teacher and the fantastic things that he is doing with his students.  We were so excited to tell his story.  Unfortunately, the article wasn't ours to write.  In fact the grant came from another amazing foundation in our community.   Mr. Hopkins' Precision Measurement Tools grant actually was awarded from the  Greenville Area Community Foundation.   There was a long line of miscommunications and many editors eyes on the paper, but we all failed to notice the glaring error.

We would never want to take credit for someone else's grant, but in fact we did.  We have communicated with the Greenville Area Community Foundation and they have graciously accepted our apology.  Over the years, we have created an important and collaborative relationship with the Greenville Area Community Foundation.  We have a shared grant cycle, and use a common grant application for the ease of  GPS staff and house several  EFG endowed funds at the GACF.  It seems that maybe some of our efforts to be complimentary foundations have muddied the waters a bit, and the staff is struggling to know the difference between the two organizations.  We are going to work to be better at that. 

Mission of the Education Foundation of Greenville

Founded in 1991, the Education Foundation of Greenville’s mission is to acquire and distribute financial, and other resources, to the Greenville Public Schools. These resources are to be used for programs and projects that enhance and/or supplement educational programs and provide extended educational opportunities to students in our community.


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The Education Foundation of Greenville (EFG), a not for profit 501c 3 organization, was founded in 1991 to generate and distribute financial resources for the Greenville Public Schools to enhance, or supplement, educational opportunities for students. It operates independently from the Greenville Public Schools, but trustees work closely in partnership with the Board of Education and administration to pursue its purpose of supporting excellence in the school districts programs.